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Now, more than ever, people are getting their first impression of your club(s) online. Long before they walk into your club they’ve browsed your website, looked at reviews, glanced at your social media presence and so much more. Is your fitness brand prepared the inevitable and consistent shift to digital marketing?

Online marketing for your fitness club(s) includes a plethora of services that establish the base for your growth and work in conjunction with each other. Our Inbound Marketing plans put you on the right path to consistent growth year after year. We recommend starting with one of our growth-structured levels and once you see it start to work, consider adding power ups to increase the effectiveness of your plan.

Inbound Starter

~5% annual lead growth1

Inbound Pro

~10% annual lead growth1

Inbound Elite

~15% annual lead growth1
Plan Features$1,500/mo +$300 per additional location2 (1 Year Agreement)3$2,500/mo +$300 per additional location2 (1 Year Agreement)3$4,000/mo +$300 per additional location2 (1 Year Agreement)3
The latest in website technology and innovation. Your website will be easily viewable on any screen size making it easy to access on any mobile device.
A super lightweight website, requiring minimal HTTP requests so that your website loads immediately. This ensures that users browsing the website enjoy a positive experience.
Each page on your website will be optimized with proper keywords, headings, and descriptions. This makes it easy for potential members to find and easy for search engines to understand.
We’ll show you how you can navigate around your website to make quick and easy updates instantly.
For website updates that need more advanced attention, we’ll take care of those for you on a monthly credits basis.
2 Credits/mo4 Credits/mo6 Credits/mo
Everyday, bad guys are trying to do bad things on the internet. Protect your website’s credibility and authenticity with SSL certificates.
Make it quick and easy for people to take advantage of your special offers.
Run tests find out which marketing tactics work well, which ones don’t, and why. This helps you do more of what you know works and avoid things you know don’t.
Blogs are the primary way to attract people to your website. They also show your authority on fitness in your market. We’ll write blogs and post them to the website on all things related to fitness, nutrition and more.
Want to know how things are progressing? Got some cools ideas that you hope will generate sales? Let’s talk. We’ll strategize to help you get the most out of your marketing each month.
Everyone loves a free download. We’ll post in-depth, educational content that your visitors can download for FREE!
Your online reputation is everything! Every quarter we will run campaigns to increase quality reviews on popular search engines and directories.
Make sure your club’s listing is accurate and visible on hundreds of local directories so potential members can easily find your club.
Social Media
This is the amount of your monthly budget we will allocate to run promotions on Facebook.
Each time a blog is posted to your website, we’ll promote it on Facebook to increase traffic and leads.
Lead Nurturing
Every lead that requests a trial pass will receive a series of up to three (3) emails encouraging them to come into the club to activate their pass and ultimately sign up and become a member of your club.
Every lead that requests a fitness offer will receive a series of up to three (3) emails as a reminder, encouraging them to take advantage of the offer.
Deliver content to your email database that is educational, easy to read, and inviting all without being overly promotional.
Track which pages on your website people are visiting the most through heatmap activity and mouse recordings. Get more in-depth web traffic reporting, and more.
Learn which keywords are resonating best with your target audience and develop content around what people are searching for in your community.
Find out how well landing pages are performing in converting traffic into sales qualified leads.
Schedule a Strategy SessionSchedule a Strategy SessionSchedule a Strategy Session

1 Annual lead percentage growth is based off of internal analysis of results of inbound marketing for over 100 fitness clubs across the nation.

2 + $300 per additional location. Each location requires additional monthly ongoing search engine optimization (SEO).

3 Online marketing requires constant analysis over a period of time to measure and adjust for the best results. To analyze results properly, a minimum of one year should be allotted.


I have six locations. Are all locations covered within the price of the plan?

Your first location is the price of the plan and the additional five locations would be an additional $300 per month each for additional ongoing SEO labor that has to be implemented separately and apart from each other.

How long does it take to build my new website?

Typically it takes four to eight weeks depending on the number of pages.

What do you need from us to get started?

Shortly after we get started we have a discovery call with you to start gathering valuable assets we will need to begin building your website. Those assets include club images, graphics, content, and overall message standards. We will also need your website and hosting information along with access to social media platforms via admin privileges and/or usernames and passwords.

Can I use my existing website?

We will do a complete analysis of your current website to determine whether the best course of action is to use your current website or construct a brand new, inbound-friendly website.

Do you handle my social media?

We handle a small portion of your social media and teach you how to handle the bulk of it. The reason we don’t is because we are not in your local area. No one knows more about your area than your staff members. During one of our monthly marketing calls, we will cover social media best practices in a one-on-one club webinar.

We will cover the promotion of blog articles, running social media ads and boosts, and the promotion of lead generating offers.

Is there any way to save money on our plans?

We recommend that you get involved in our marketing process as much as possible. However, your involvement does not constitute a substitution of the work we do and will not save on your monthly budget. We charge for what we do because we have a proven methodology for constructing your online marketing foundation. Eliminating any part of the process will sacrifice results in some way, shape or form.

You can elect to go with a more affordable plan option with the anticipation of your staff fulfilling some of the roles in our more aggressive plans, which can save on your monthly marketing costs.

Will you run our monthly marketing promotions such as holiday membership discounts?

We cover your inbound marketing only but will be happy to announce your monthly marketing promotion through all social channels and include a call-to-action on your website.

There are two types of online marketing strategies every club should implement on a month-to-month basis: promotional marketing and inbound marketing. Promotional marketing is generating leads for a special you have such as a monthly closeout. Once a monthly promotion is complete there is no need to promote it anymore. The leads for that promotion will stop after it is complete.

Inbound marketing, which we cover, is about the long term growth and stability of your brand and promoting your club through thought leadership that ranks you higher than your competitors over a period of time, which creates much more traffic and leads than promotional marketing. Inbound content is evergreen and lasts the duration of your club’s existence and never stops promoting your club; it is not dependent on a promotion.

Clubs that apply both marketing strategies are experiencing the best results in today’s Internet marketing era.

Can we go month-to-month, even if it costs more?

No. Anytime you market your clubs online it takes time to understand your online market. There is no way to be able to gather any reliable, consistent data to make adjustments within a six month period. You have to allow time to pass to be able to analyze and determine best marketing strategies.

NOTE: Realistically, there are no viable Internet marketing strategies you can deploy month-to-month that will give you the data to make educated decisions — even PPC ads should run at least three to six months before appropriate adjustments should be made based on data.

What happens after the first year? Do I have to sign another year agreement, or can I go month-to-month?

After your first year is complete you can go month-to-month at the same time but keep in mind that you must give us a paid 60-day notice of termination before your contract can end. So if you want to discontinue our marketing at the end of the first year, you would need to give us notice at the beginning of the 10th month.

How soon can I expect to start getting leads?

Within days of your new website launching.

Can you do anything about my club’s bad Yelp reviews?

We certainly can. Depending on the plan you choose, reputation management campaigns are run periodically to attain positive reviews. Unfortunately, the only way to hide the negative reviews is to gather more positive reviews. We’ll run campaigns to get you more “real” positive reviews.

How often can I expect to get reporting information? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?

Every month, on the second week of the month, we will meet with you to discuss data we have collected over the previous month(s) and discuss strategies we will implement to improve your results.