Why Inbound Marketing

It’s time to change the way you think about marketing.

The Marketing

Playbook is Broken

Fitness clubs have historically invested thousands of dollars each month trying to attract people to their club. The bulk of a club’s marketing budget is typically spent on TV, radio, direct mail campaigns, and Google Pay-Per-Click advertising. There was a time when those marketing strategies worked well for clubs. Unfortunately, the Internet changed the game. Now, those same marketing tactics no longer yielding the same results.

Another problem with these traditional forms of marketing is that there is very limited reporting if any at all. For example, when you send out a direct mailer, there’s no way to know who’s looked at it and who’s thrown it in the garbage. The only way to gauge if it is working is if someone walks into your club holding the mailer in their hand and requesting the special promotion that appears on it. Otherwise, your staff at the front desk would need to ask every single person coming in, “How did you hear about us?” 

Average Club Spend

Direct Mail
Radio Ad
Google PPC

Side Note

Most clubs typically run 2 out of 3 of the above each month. Depending on the club’s marketing budget, some run all of them every month. However, clubs of all types are reporting that these tactics are no longer generating the kind of new membership sales they once did.

So, What Now?

Stop Chasing Anyone and Everyone!

It’s time to start drawing people to your fitness club. Start educating people in your community, showing them that you are the trusted source for everything related to fitness. Start attracting the right people to join your club, people who’ll stay for the long term and who’ll become advocates of your club.

Also, start attracting a younger demographic of people who’ve grown up with the internet and who use it as a normal part of their everyday lives. They don’t look for a fitness club to join by watching a commercial on TV, or by listening to an ad on the radio. They rarely go to their mailbox to check their mail because they pay all of their bills online.

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Your Next Steps

It’s time to start focusing the majority of your marketing efforts where the masses are looking for you – on the Internet. Invest in a marketing strategy that puts your club right in front of the online traffic that’s happening all around you right now.
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