Gone, are the days of charging an hourly rate or explaining the value of agency services as a dollar amount. The only relevancy to an hourly rate is in determining whether or not a new hire or a contractor at your club is proficient at what you need to do for the hourly rate you’re willing to pay them. In a case like this, they do the work, you add up the hours it took for them to do the job, multiply it by their hourly rate, cut them a check, and you’ve established a warm-hearted relationship with them. Well, not necessarily. 

Here, at Inbound Fit, we feel that charging an hourly rate causes stress in working relationships on the client side and internally. If a particular task is taking too long, it causes stress internally on labor hours and stress with our clients in the amount of hours racking up to complete the work. The result is almost always an inconsistency of expectations on the delivery of services and micromanagement of time — entirely too much stress.

Why we invented the Inbound Fit Point System

The Inbound Fit Point System takes services out of a time element and put it squarely on the value of the service. Rather than you giving us a task and us charging you a dollar amount, we allocate your budget in points. For instance, creating a landing page for you is 10 points (see service points HERE). It may take 5 hours to finish that landing page, but it also may take 10 hours. Whether it takes five or ten hours, it does not fluctuate in price for you. It’s merely 8 points no matter the length of time. Yes, sure, there are times when we will get things done faster, but when you add up all the services we do for you over time, there is no correlation to the amount of time it takes vs. the value in the number of services we provide within your budget.

Can you see how “points” are a better system? Points give us a realistic perspective on what it’s going to take (cost and labor) to complete various jobs for you. If the jobs take more time to complete, which happens around 62% of the time, it doesn’t result in more money coming out of your wallet. The point value is the point value, and we don’t have to spend any time nickel-and-diming services just because a particular task takes longer than expected. In our experience, the Inbound Fit Point System eases the stress in our working relationships.

So, make life a little easier and a whole lot simpler! Pay for what you need and get the most value and expertise from it. Don’t get caught in the weeds with complicated billing and overages in estimated project hours. Let us put your mind at ease by using points that make running your clubs graphics and content a breeze.

For more info about our pricing and plans, check this out!

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